One of my very favorite shows growing up was Bewitched.  I adored Elizabeth Montgomery, who I thought looked just like my mother and her 1960’s super chic home.  A little history: Bewitched began in 1964 in black and white and finished with color in 1972.  Though the interiors changed twice, the floor plan of the set never did.  Ok, so this is the exciting part! Drum roll please…………………………

I just found out that you can buy the floor plans to the famous Bewitched house!  Could you not just die!  OMG this is splended news!  You can live in the magical wonder that Samantha, Darrin and little Tabatha lived in!

First Floor Plan:

And the interiors!  Ahhh…….How great!


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  • Jim Cicchese Says:

    Where can I purchase a set of the floorplans for the Bewitched house “1164 Morning Glory Circle”?? Is there a website??? let me know.


    Dear Lady,

    Could you, please, supply me with the down and upper floor plan of Samantha”s house. This was also my and my brother favorite television show and I grew up watching if and at the same time wondering how both plans could be! my brother was an architect. I loved Samantha’s family and in particular Samantha herself and I sincerely feel very sorry for her death. I am completely sure that she is with God now!

  • susan Says:

    I have always loved the T.V. show Bewitched and watch reruns when they come up on T.V. I would love to have the floor plans, oh heck,all the house plan of the house that the Stephens family ‘lived’ in.One day I would like to be able to build that very same house and hopefully live in it,wow, that would be a dream come true.Please feel free to reply to my email address,thank you Kindest Regards Susan

  • Omar Abd. Says:

    dear owner of website

    I would like you to send me the hall house plan for both floors plz.
    because i liked the design of the house and could not get it all from the tv show by getting snap shots from every episode from different angles

    thanks alot for you corporation


  • julie Bauman Says:

    I too am interested and where to get a set of the Steven’ home plans.

  • Mike Clayton Says:

    Is the interior ground the same set as used for the Psychiatrist’s ground floor in I dream of Jeannie? The carpet looks the same (green) the front door is in the same place and the balustrade of the staircase seem exactly the same style and placing.

  • Christian De Soto Says:

    Dear Margaret and Friends. Here is a link that may help with the Stephens Family Home Plans:
    Please feel free to reply to my email address, because all bewitched fans may get to know each other. Thank you and Best Regards. Christian.

  • Christian De Soto Says:

    Dear Margaret and Friends. In this link is all required detail for the house.
    You will enjoy it very much.
    All the Best to All of You.

  • Henry Fortune Says:

    This post is going into my bookmarks.

  • susan Says:

    Is’nt it interesting that the first floor plan has the garage attached to the kitchen,yet when
    looking at the studio set photos, we can see through the kitchen window,,,,no garage!.Also
    street scenes show next door neighbours, yet we see a street scene from the kitchen window?.

  • Jonathan Ryan Lee Says:

    Can a person actually get the real floor plans for the bewitched house and send for them somewhere if they decide to build the house? Thank you

  • Tara Mckittrick Says:

    I too would love to get a set of floorplans, thanks

  • dennise Says:

    The green set is my favorite. I would LOVE to live in the Bewitched house complete with furniture. This website is wonderful.

  • Julie freres Says:

    I would love to build and create the exact replica of Samantha stevens house on morning glory circle. I’m 52 and have watched it since the beginning. I loved it in the last season when they expanded the kitchen but the old way was my favorite. Please forward any and all info you can.
    I am now a developer and seriously would love to build it. Thanks for your site.

  • D Moss Says:

    I am certain I saw an old movie, circa 1968 or so, that used the same interior set as the Bewitched house. Same stair case, same carpet, same layout. Do you know it?

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